As the Director of Print Services at The University of the Arts I created a yearly internship program that hired a Junior Graphic Design student going into their senior year to be the designer for the departments marketing campaign over the summer.

Every spring my staff and I would open the job and receive resumes from the junior students of the Graphic Design department. I would hold the job interviews and then select one of the students to be the intern. The goal of this position was educationally based so that not only did the student get paid, but they also got some real life experience in dealing with a client.

In the end the student intern got to walk away with a potential portfolio piece for job applications once out of school. We in Print Services got the privilege of a designer to assist us in marketing our services, as well as have a little fun.

Selfishly, I got to walk away with one of my most cherished creations as one of my more enjoyable accomplishments at the university. It reminded me of being a teacher and I couldn't have been more excited seeing their ideas come to life as they worked.