This is a project I did for PSFK. They asked me to build large 3-D letters of their logo to exhibit on stage during their conferences. At first I intended to make the letters out of foam to keep size and weight down. However, due to time constraints for technical planning and durability problems, I decided to construct the letters out of wood materials. I had never made something out of wood quite like this before and the process turned out to be a lot more involved than I had originally envisioned it. It was fun to use different technologies along with craftsmanship to make it all happen. 

I started out by using a laser cutter to make templates of the letters from digital files. This would save time, plus give a more precise outline to structure the objects from. I left the backs as hollow openings to save material and give the client the ability to weight down the top heavy letters. They had to be durable for shipment from conference to conference so I used a strong, yet light, balsa material for the structuring on the interiors. I then used a thin birch ply for the finished facades, and a finish birch bendy ply for the facing of the curves. Some sanding, priming and painting and they were done just in time for their first public appearance at a NYC tech conference.